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Core Value #5:

Consistently devoting ourselves to deep, relevant biblical teaching and preaching

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Finding the "Means" in Meaning - Pt 3
Pastor Jason Byers

May 28, 2017
Having spent last week (audio not available) looking at life being a team sport and how "being and end-to-ourselves is a luxury many can't afford". This week we lean into the idea that "we were made to work; made to serve; made to worship."
Length: 46m
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Finding the "Means" in Meaning - Pt 1
Pastor Jason Byers

May 14, 2017 | Mothers' Day
We all long for meaning and generally we struggle when can't find it. This week we look at how embracing being the means to an end greater than yourself unlocks true meaning . . . and we look at why this is the case.
Length: 41m