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ADVENT: Hope & Expectation
Jason Byers

December 1, 2013
Following the traditional Advent Calendar in celebration of the anticipation of Jesus the Messiah, we focus December on the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. This week looks at the "hope" that we have in Jesus. More than just desire, hope has a confident expectation that God is faithful to accomplish His promises.
Length: 50m
Advent - Hope and Expectation
ADVENT: Peace & Preparation
Jason Byers

December 8, 2013
Though "peace" is supposedly a core part of the Christmas holiday season, peace is often far from our experience at any given moment. We strategize over gift selection, worry over budget, squeeze as much "fun" as possible during time off. Where is peace? What is peace?
Length: 36m
Advent - Peace and Preparation
ADVENT: Joy & Proclamation
Jason Byers

December 15, 2013
Joy is mission-critical to thriving in this world, and joy is a key compontent of our experience of God. The Bible speaks of the joy of the Lord being our strength and being promised for eternity. Joy was the proclamation of angels at Jesus' birth, and we ought to join in that chorus.
Length: 37m
Advent - Joy and Proclamation
ADVENT: Love & Revelation
Jason Byers

December 22, 2013
Love is one of the most important and most powerful emotions/concepts/realities in our world and experience of life. This week we celebrate the origination, the source, the incarnation of love, and we explore some of the response it should evoke.
Length: 32m
Advent - Love and Revelation