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Part 1 - Decision Day: Are We Going Pro?
Jason Byers

March 15, 2015
Spring is coming and the world before us is becoming more alive. There is a clear parallel between being active and alive in OUR bodies and the CHURCH body. How can we go after the abundant life of faith that God calls us to? What does it mean to get this church body moving? Now is the time for us to make the decision.
Length: 42m
Get that Body moving
Part 2 - Go Big Until We Go Home
Jason Byers

March 22, 2015
God has given us so many good things, but our hope is that we would not be distracted into focussing down on to our own individual kingdoms but to be stirred by our desires to make the most of what we've been given. That our hearts would beat with a desire to live hard for the Glory of God, until we get to heaven.
Length: 41m
Get that Body moving 2
Part 3 - "Out With The Old"
Jason Byers

March 29, 2015
Growing as a Christian has less to do with specialized "Christian" knowledge and more to do with applying the Gospel to areas of life not yet surrendered to Jesus. This week we begin working to identify, expose and replace idols lurking deep in our hearts.
Length: 43m
Get that Body moving 3
Part 4 - "In With The New"
Jason Byers

April 5, 2015
Easter Sunday brings with it a message of repentance and redemption centered on the death and resurrection of Christ. One of the best ways to see the power of the resurrection renewed in our collective "body" is the creating of God space in our lives replacing and capturing our affections. There is power in a renewed affection.
Length: 45m
Get that Body moving 4
Part 5 - "Just Do It"
Jason Byers

April 12, 2015
There has got to be something more. Without Christ in our lives we are victims of our idolatry, victims of our personal desires. God is calling us out of our complatency and spiritual inactivity, to get moving. Its time that we answered His call.
Length: 47m
Get that Body moving 5