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Core Value #5:

Consistently devoting ourselves to deep, relevant biblical teaching and preaching

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Titus logo
2018 Covenant Service
Pastor Jason

March 04, 2018
Our annual Covenant Service is always a special week. As God continues to bless us and grow both our numbers and influence for His Name's sake, we did deep into what it looks like to partner together as the local expression of Jesus.
Length: 41m
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Titus - Devoted to Good Works
Pastor Jason

January 28, 2018
Understanding the dynamics surrounding "good works" is one of the most crucial aspects of understanding any religion. And for the Christian, exploring the question: what does it mean to be 'devoted to good works' turns out to be a beautiful journey.
Length: 47m
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Titus - Glorious Gospel
Pastor Jason

January 21, 2018
Titus chapter 3 holds one of most beautiful, distilled expressions of the Gospel in all the Bible. It reminds us of the glorious way that Jesus steps in as the hero of our stories, even when we don't realize that we need rescuing.
Length: 42m
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Titus "catch-up" - Good Works
Pastor Jason

January 14, 2018
Looking to hit our stride in the new year, we return to our sermon series through the book of Titus. This week begins chapter three and a delve into the theme of "good works".
Length: 43m
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2018 kickoff - Consider Your Ways
Pastor Jason

January 07, 2018
As we begin the new year, we let Scripture instruct us to "reflect" and "resolve" rightly. Packed with practical insight, this message can help you re-centre any time of year.
Length: 41m
2017 Love logo
Advent Through the Psalms - Love
Pastor Jason

December 31, 2017
To close out 2017, Pastor Jason mixes lessons on love from Psalm 44 with time for silent prayer and responding through song. May God's ever-rescuing, always-faithful love grip you all the next year.
Length: 36m
2017 Joy logo
Advent Through the Psalms - Joy
Pastor Jason

December 17, 2017
A.W. Tozer said, "The Christian owes it to the world to be supernaturally joyful." Why is this and how can we begin to see it as our reality? Listen in to this week's sermon.
Length: 45m
2017 Peace logo
Advent Through the Psalms - Peace
Pastor Jason

December 10, 2017
Psalm 85 provides a unique perspective on the God of peace and the peace of God. We were made for peace - listen for God's invitation to overcome brokenness.
Length: 37m
2017 Hope logo
Advent Through the Psalms - Hope
Pastor Jason

December 03, 2017
Grabbing hold of both ancient tradition and modern celebration, we kick off another year of Advent services leading up to Christmas. This year we lean into the power of music/song and explore Advent themes as reflected in the Psalms.
Length: 38m