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Why the Fuss About Missions
Jason Byers

September 6, 2015
Our end-of-the-summer and fall-kick-off sermon series centres on all believers being sent out "on-mission". "Sent out", "on-mission", "missional" . . . what does all this mean, and why all the fuss? Well let's talk about that. . . .
Length: 41m
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What hinders? Part 1&2:
A Missing Target; A Lacking Availability
Pastor Jason Byers

September 20, 2015
What hinders us from being the invested, effective missionaries that God is calling us to be? This week we explore two reasons why: we have lost sight of the "success" for which we ought to be aiming, and we lose availability because we settle for lesser goods.
Length: 48m
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What hinders? Part 3: A Muffled Calling
Pastor Jason Byers

September 27, 2015
The audio file was lost, but this week Pastor Jason explained the immense worth that God has given us which should increase our confidence in responding to His call to be on-mission. Instead of being hard of hearing and hard of heart, let's listen and move into action. Turn "why me?" into "why NOT me?!?"
Length: 0m
[ audio not available ]
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C!C Core Values: "People in Process"
Andrew Woolsey

October 04, 2015
This week focuses on the fact that God is not finished with us. He's continually working us into pictures of Christ, tailor-made to fulfill His purpose for our lives here on earth. Though we stumble along the way, take heart in being "people in process".
Length: 40m
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C!C Core Values: "Gathering In Small Groups"
Pastor Jason Byers

October 11, 2015
Here we join a sermon already in progress. Having discussed the foundation of transformational discipleship, we consider how small group ministry is a unique vehicle to accomplish discipleship and mission. Finally PJ casts vision for future C!C small group ministry.
Length: 20m
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C!C Core Values: "Being Known As Jesus People"
Graeme Watson

October 18, 2015
We don't want to be known as merely religious people, spiritual people, or even just monotheists. We want people who know us to know that we trust and love Jesus. He is the image of the invisible God, the head of the Church, our Saviour, Leader, and Friend.
Length: 32m
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C!C Core Values: "Biblical Preaching/Teaching"
Pastor Jason Byers

October 25, 2015
The Bible calls followers of Jesus a nation of priests. This means that we carry the ability to preach a mediating message of reconciliation between people and God on behalf of Christ. What an honour! How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News.
Length: 42m