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“Celebration! Church Ottawa exists to celebrate the greatness of God by knowing Jesus Christ and by making Him known to all peoples.”

Why the name “Celebration! Church“?

Webster’s defines celebration as “to make known with honor or praise”. In this church, we want to “make known with honor or praise” Jesus Christ. Our greatest desire is to celebrate our relationship with Him, our Friend, our Saviour, our Lord.

Sadly, many people view Christianity and Church as a dull and routine tradition. But those of us who have found a personal relationship with Jesus think of it as anything BUT dull and routine!! This relationship brings excitement, freedom, inner peace, direction, fulfillment, and the promise of an eternal life with God in Heaven. We want our fellowship to be a joyful and intimate time where we focus on thanking God for who He is and for all He has done.

Jesus describes heaven as the GREAT WEDDING FEAST — or the GREAT PARTY!! (Matthew 22:1-14). Many people today have been deceived to think that parties must include immorality. Little do they know that the desire for celebrating comes from our Creator who promises us that believers will celebrate His presence forever!!! Here in Ottawa, at Celebration! Church, we want to be the place where people come to learn more about the exciting, abundant life that Christ promises all who believe!

There are many ways to describe who we are and what we are about. We’ve tried to boil it down in the “About Us” drop-down menus:

Location” is where you’ll find us.
I Am New” will give you an idea of what to expect at our weekly services.
Our Story” tells the surprising tale of how our church family came to be.
His Story” covers the most important thing in the world.
Statements” covers what we feel are some top faith topics.
Covenant” tells our view on church membership & our collective calling.
And “Core Values” gives you an idea of how we, as a church family, aim to put our faith into practice. 

Enjoy. And please feel the freedom to contact us.