[  Core Values  ]

Identity is an important characteristic within a group of people — and a “faith-family” is NO different.

In order to make any true sense at all of our faith and the world in which we live, we must have a solid understanding of who we are, who God is, and who the church is.

We at Celebration! Church Ottawa understand that God has called us to be people who are set apart for His sacred use … and that identity will have a real, tangible impact on our world and should affect the way we do things. Our Core Values help us express our identity as part of the Body of Christ, and they provide a practical tool to guide our choices and activities. If you are new to C!C or thinking about checking us out, these Core Values should give you a pretty good picture of what we’re about.

Our Mission Statement:

Celebration! Church Ottawa exists to celebrate the greatness of God by knowing Jesus Christ and by making Him known to all peoples.

We aim to accomplish this (Core Values):

  1. By meaningfully connecting with both campus and the community.
  2. By commonly being known as Jesus People
  3. By intimately gathering in small groups around the city for support, encouragement, and mission.
  4. By openly committing ourselves to be People in Process.
  5. By consistently devoting ourselves to deep, relevant biblical teaching and preaching.
  6. By passionately loving people through changing methods.
  7. By purposefully pursuing excellence.