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This week we dig into some tools of spiritual leadership: gravitas, watchfulness, persistence, example, ambition/vision, prayer. We hope you’ll be encouraged in practical and spiritual truths to help you find and thrive in your place(s) of leadership.

This week, on Father’s Day, we explore the Discipline of a Good Father. God shapes us to be like Jesus through “development,” “discipline,” or “disaster”, and we would be wise to pursue “development” to whatever degree we can control.

Let us explore the race we run together as Christians. What is this race, and why do we run it? In running this race, we draw strength from The Author, and Perfecter of our faith. Join us in exploring this topic

Do you ever feel like there must be something more than the life we’re currently experiencing? The Bible teaches us that we are made for a Better Country, a heavenly home that Jesus is preparing for His church. This week we explore this idea and how to cultivate a healthy-longing.

One way to describe the life-of-faith is to “learn to live as a sojourner”. Even though there are many GREAT things about our lives “here and now”, the best of times are still a shadow of the “Better Possession” promised for God’s people in heaven. Today we take a deeper look at this kind of … [ read more ] "Abraham & Sarah . . . Living as a Sojourner"