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Why do we give? 

We invest in things we care about.

Not only that, as Christians we believe that we have a privilege of “stewarding” God’s resources, so we put our time, our treasures and our talents (among other things) to profitable use. We give as an act of worship. We give in support of ministry. We give to enable others to serve. We give because we’ve been given SO much in Christ and community.

At C!C, from our ministry leaders, to our Lead Pastor and Pastoral Team, to our Board of Directors, we are committed to stewarding the church’s money well with high transparency and accountability to maximize the benefits for God’s Kingdom. Let us know, at any time, if you have any questions.

How do we give?


It may seem archaic, but we still pass an offering basket around toward the end of most services. This is the main way that people give to C!C, in order to further the work. There is no pressure to give, especially from our guests — but should you choose to give, we will send you a year end charitable tax receipt. We would just need the following basic information:

  • Full Name (including middle initial . . . weird government thing)
  • Address
  • E-mail address or phone number

If you are writing a check, please make it payable to “Celebration! Church Ottawa“.


Due to administrative costs and wanting to be good stewards of the money that the church is responsible for, we have currently decided NOT to allow “online banking” gifts … but we DO receive e-mail bank transfers. 

You can send your donation through your banks “online banking – send money by email” service. The email address that we use to receive e-mail donations is “giving@celebrationchurch.ca“. Specific steps vary according to your bank, but in general, you will:

  • Log into your online banking site
  • Locate options to “transfer funds”, usually you’ll see an option to send by “Interac e-Transfer”
  • Fill out the necessary fields, in the message be sure to include your Name so that we can make sure to get you your correct charitable tax receipt
  • You may need to set up a security question and answer and send the answer to us as a separate email to giving@celebrationchurch.ca

If you have any questions about the process, you can contact your bank’s customer service or give us a try by writing info@celebrationchurch.ca


Some people prefer to give to the ministry efforts of C!C through the mail, whether from within Ontario or abroad. Our current mailing address is 414 Pleasant Park Rd. Ottawa, ON, K1H 5N1

If you are writing a check, please make it payable to “Celebration! Church Ottawa“.