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The Way of the Disciple-Maker

If you have been following Jesus for some time, learning to SEE, BE, GIVE and GO, and growing in love and through faithfulness, you are ready to lead, teach, and help sharpen those around you.

“. . .let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

– MATTHEW 5:14-16

God has called you to point others towards Jesus, whether they are your brothers and sisters in Christ, or those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Click here to see what it looks like to be a Disciple-Maker at Celebration! Church.

Discipleship Resources

Many christians feel unqualified, or unequipped in leading others to loving Jesus. We have set out to equip and encourage everyone who comes to Celebration! Church in being disciples: making disciples.

These tools will help you to be more equipped to help someone who is Curious, a Believer or a Disciple.

The Talk

The Talk” is a tool that helps set expectations in a new discipleship relationship

Growth Rhythms

Growth Rhythms” are a way to track, celebrate and flourish in spiritual disciplines

Meet-up Guide

The “Meet-Up Guide” helps you manage your time together well


Lessons can be used to address areas of growth where you and a disciple can seek transformation. ​Print a lesson out, read and complete it together. They are divided into STAGES, and grouped by C!C’s vision for what it means to be transformed in Christ – SEE, BE, GIVE & GO.