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Leading Others Well

What it looks like to be a Disciple-Maker ​at Celebration!Church

Why This Matters

Jesus commanded us, through the authority given to him by God, to go and make disciples and teach them to follow everything he commanded (Matthew 25:18-20). We get to partner with Jesus in the work of the Holy Spirit by making disciples and inviting people to follow us as we follow Jesus. 

What does a ‘win’ look like for me?

My disciple is consistently growing in the ways they SEE, BE, GIVE, GO, with a goal to become a Disciple-Maker. 

How I Make a Difference

I PRAY (specifically) for (the spiritual health of) my disciple(s) and for opportunities for them to grow and make disciples. I PRAY for C!C’s sense of urgency to make disciples. 

I EXEMPLIFY what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in my daily life. I PROMOTE a culture of discipleship within C!C by actively taking opportunities to have discipleship conversations. 

I CHECK IN regularly with my Disciple to ask good coaching questions. I celebrate their “wins” and help them work through difficulties. I challenge them to grow in the ways they are SEEing, BEing, GIVing and GOing with Jesus. I remind them of how and why being a disciple of Jesus matters. 

I IDENTIFY when my disciple is ready to be a disciple-maker and help them transition into the role when appropriate.

I SEEK help and support from the Holy Spirit, and church leaders in my life. 

I AM accountable to and honest with the life-on-life leaders. I provide feedback regularly to improve discipleship relationships in C!C. 

We want to equip you & support you to be an effective disciple-maker,
​so here’s our promise to you :

We will PRAY (specifically) for (the spiritual health of) Disciple-makers and for opportunities for you to make disciples who will make disciples. We will PRAY for C!C’s sense of urgency to make disciples.

We will EXEMPLIFY what it means to make disciples in our daily lives, to PROMOTE a culture of discipleship within C!C and the city.

We will CHECK IN regularly with Disciple-makers to ask good coaching questions. We will celebrate your “wins” and help you work through difficulties. We will remind you of how and why your ministry helps people BE; “look like Jesus”.

We will help IDENTIFY and RECRUIT potential Disciple-Makers and will help TRANSITION Disciples into the role of Disciple-Maker when appropriate.

We will regularly REVIEW the discipleship strategy of the church to assess any needs for change as C!C changes.

We will ENCOURAGE believers who are not in formal discipleship relationships to plug into our system. 

We will PARTNER with other church leaders in order to best match Disciples and Disciple-Makers, equip Disciple-Makers, and realize both organic discipleship culture and structured discipleship relationships at C!C.

We will SEEK help and support from the leaders that support us, discipleship ‘experts’ and the Holy Spirit.