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Family Ministry Mission Statement

C!C Family Ministry exists in partnership with Men’s and Women’s Ministries to raise up godly families who stand on Biblical truth and are committed to knowing Christ and making Him known to all peoples.

“A Growing Umbrella”:

As God continues to grow C!C, what started as a church of university students, for university students, has morhped into much, much more. We are deeply committed to “meaningfully connecting with both campus and the community” (Core Value #1). A significant way that we seek to do that is through Family Ministry.

Family Ministry is our “umbrella” term that covers a variety of ministries that grow Godly families.

Children’s Ministry – Celebration! Station:

Currently our Children’s Ministry takes up most of the room under the umbrella and is a particular area of focus during the Summer months. Celebration! Station is place where children and parents are invited “all aboard” to journey together into the adventures of life and the richness of God’s blessings. 
Check out more at the C!Station page.

Pre-marital Counseling:

Pastor Jason and Carrie work together with couples in C!C who are preparing for marriage. This is a sweet, focused way that the church can celebrate the value of marriage and help couples equip themselves with the tools to honour God through their relationship and tackle the years ahead with confidence.

Marriage Enrichment:

Whether through small groups or monthly couples nights, we offer various opportunities for support, accountability and encouragement to marriages. Periodically we schedule retreats for couples to get away and spend some extra special time with each other and with their Heavenly Father. One purpose in these getaways is to affirm the value of strong family units with Christ at the centre, whether or not the family has children.

Men’s & Women’s Ministries

Our C!C Men’s and Women’s Ministries are each committed to better understanding Biblical manhood and womanhood. Through teaching, accountability, modeling, Life-on-Life Discipleship, and serving, we learn more about being the men and women that God has created us to be. As we become better men and better women, we become better friends, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and mentors. This is why we see the healthy partnership between Men’s, Women’s and Family Ministry absolutely necessary.