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Updates on the Byers

The Byers clan is southward bound this summer away on Sabbatical. See more below on what that means, and how you can pray for them!

Summer Speakers | Service Plans

Down below are a host of guest speaker bios. Check them out and come prepared to hear some quality guest speakers!

Upcoming Events

C!Youth summer kick off party (June 24, 2022) is the last youth group event for the summer. We will launch again in the fall.  More details on that to come!!

Summer Books

Need some book ideas? We've done all the hard work for you! Check out below for our list of "What We're Reading" 

Update on the Byers Clan

Where are the Byers?

The Byers are not in Ottawa. They are away for the months of July and August, and will spend the majority of their time in Georgina and Tennessee. The Byers are away on Sabbatical. A ministry sabbatical is not merely an extended vacation nor is this an academic sabbatical that normally involves extensive study.

What is a Sabbatical?

A ministry sabbatical is a release from the routine of the call for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being of the ministry leader.

In addition to this, the Byers will spend time refocussing, prayerfully considering, and retooling themselves for the next season of ministry here at C!C.

How you can Pray for the Byers while they're on Sabbatical:

  •  Ask God for health and safety for the many, many hours of projected travel
  • Pray for the renewal of key relationships that take a backseat because of distance -- family, core friends, ministry supporters.
  • Pray that Jason and Carrie would be able to grow deeper spiritually with each other and their kids.
  • Ask God to give the Byers a renewed vigor for His call to Ottawa and a fresh vision for the work that He has for them here.
  • Ask for abundant grace over the inevitable difficulties of once again leaving family and the life-long familiar to serve God here in their "other home."
  • That Jason and Carrie would each be drawn closer to the Father in a way that they would understand His goodness and desire to know Him more. "Give me one pure and holy passion..."


Here's the short version of what were up to this summer. For more details, sign up for the C!Weekly using the contact form below!

Upcoming Speakers

Greg Kopczyk

July 3, 2022
Greg was born and raised in Poland. He currently serves as the interim youth pastor at the MET here in Ottawa. He and his wife have three boys. 

Robert Pinkston

July 10, 2022
Robert and his wife Sharon have served with the International Mission Board for 26 years.  Robert grew up in Côte d’Ivoire. Robert’s primary role is student evangelism on university campuses. Robert has 6 children that have been born in five different countries.

Patrick Bigelow

July 17, 2022
Patrick Bigelow is a professional musician and recent graduate of uOttawa with a Master's degree in music performance. He has attended Celebration! Church for over 5 years. He and his wife Megan live in Rockland.

Joel Oosterman

July 24, 2022
Joel works in the political sphere here in Ottawa. He is a member of C!C's Pastoral Team. Joel and his wife, Kristy, have four children.

Daniel Dorman

July 31, 2022
Daniel works with Partners International. He holds a MA from uOttawa in English, and a BA from Tyndale in English and Theology. Daniel and his wife Fiona currently reside in Southern Ontario, and together enjoy music, and camping

Family Service

August 7, 2022
This week is one of our "family services" where we lean into prayer & song as a church family. An emphasis on congregational prayer and response colours these services. We will also take Communion together this week.

Carl DeJong

August 14, 2022
Born in Jamaica, raised in Ontario. Carl is a member of C!C's Pastoral Team. He and Amy have six lovely children. Carl has a passion for justice.

Deholo Nali

August 21, 2022
**Joint Service with Connexion Rockland**

Deholo recently planted "CR" with his wife. Together they have three children and recently moved to Rockland,  just East of Ottawa.

Stefan Cherry

August 28, 2022
Stefan is a man of many talents. A goat farmer by trade, farming consultant in Africa by education, and disciple maker by calling. He had a radical conversion experience in Africa and currently serves with the Navigators. He and his wife Pascale have two children

What We're Reading |  Book Recommendations

In Alphabetical Order | Mix of Fiction, and Non Fiction

Brothers We Are Not Professionals; Piper
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, 
Family Driven Faith; 
For the Beauty of the Church; 
The Four Loves; 
C S. Lewis
Holy Sexuality; 
Gay Girl, Good God; 
Jackie Hill Perry
God's Plan for Giving; 
John MacArthur
Gospel Patrons; 
John Rinehart

My Utmost for His Highest;  Oswald Chamber
Strange New World; 
The Green Ember Series; 
S.D. Smith
The Lord of the Rings; 
The Rest of God; 
The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self; 
The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry; 
John Mark Comer
The Case for Life; 
Scott Klusendorf
The Wingfeather Saga;
A. Peterson

Questions about this summer?

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