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One way to describe the life-of-faith is to “learn to live as a sojourner”. Even though there are many GREAT things about our lives “here and now”, the best of times are still a shadow of the “Better Possession” promised for God’s people in heaven. Today we take a deeper look at this kind of … [ read more ] "Abraham & Sarah . . . Living as a Sojourner"

There is a way of life that is more than just living. There is “walking with God.” This week we explore the idea that God Fixes Brokenness. So whatever your personal “flood” looks like, there is hope for you, in abundance. And your hope has a name: Jesus.

In this week’s passage we are given the theme, the cast, and the setting for the next section of Hebrews. In it we meet the first “player” on scene from the “people of old who received their commendation by faith.” And we seek encouragement for our own faith-journey through the legacy.

Faith is one of the most common themes in the Bible, yet at times we struggle to define it or display it. Hebrews 1:1-3 helps us see faith in special and specific terms, bridging the gap between the seen and unseen in ways that enliven a joy-filled life full of good works.

Easter is upon us once again — Hallelujah! This week we focus on the faith that drives good works in the face of difficulties . . . a faith rooted in the fact that we have a Better and Lasting Possession in Jesus! He is risen!

Worship is at its fullest when we have the fullest view of God that we can manage. This must take into view aspects of God’s character that we love AND the ones that we may be less comfortable with. This passage of Hebrews does a wonderful job of calling us to honesty and humility before … [ read more ] "A Fearful Thing"

“To judge of the efficacy of Divine grace, we should see it in actual exercise, and under circumstances calculated to display its power.” (Horae Homileticae) Our livestream this week includes people being exclusively in their homes, underscoring that the body of believers are the ones who comprise the church, wherever they may be. As Pastor … [ read more ] "Your Consolations Cheer My Soul"