[  Teachings: 2021  ]

As we wrap up our sermon series on Philemon and the broader topic of reconciliation, We sink our teeth into: 1) Jesus, the Word, the Message, the Articulation of Reconciliation 2) Jesus, the Word in Action, Reconciling, bringing Peace 3) Jesus, the Beginning and End, the Reconciler

The season of COVID has left most people feeling worn out and wondering why “everything seems so difficult.” This week we look at six categories of reasons why we’ve lost capacity and lost steam. Lord, give us rest, renewal, and a fresh commission.

Today we looked at the second portion of Peter’s sermon at Pentecost (Acts 2:22-36). We saw that the coming of the Holy Spirit was instrumental in emboldening the Church to preach the Gospel and exalt Christ. And we answered two key questions: ‘Who Crucified Jesus?’ and ‘Why couldn’t death hold Jesus?

We live in a time where it is particularly dangerous to “give ear” to just anyone claiming to be an authority. Politicians, religious leaders, entertainment personalities, and more all seem to let us down. How do we process this and where do we get a sense of truth?