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H.O.N. – Redemptive Arc


As we move into another year of “HymnedOut November” (H.O.N.), we roll our community focus into practical evangelism training. We discuss it through the lens of the redemptive-historical arc of the Bible: Creation > Fall > Reconciliation > Restoration. Join us for the journey.

Praise God that the “Fall” is NOT the end of the Story. This week we peer through the lens of “story” to wrap our hearts around the power of redemption, reconciliation, and the beauty of the Good News of salvation in Jesus. We urge you: be reconciled to God.

This week we finish the Redemptive Arc of the Bible and explore “restoration.” Daniel takes us through a macro look and a micro look at how this truth intersects our lives. Our prayer is that God would shape us into effective agents of restoration to the world around us until He comes back to take … [ read more ] "H.O.N. – Restoration & Mission"