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Pure Conscience

Finishing off Hebrews chapter 9, teaches us some important truths about the work that Jesus accomplished on our behalf. Then as a gift, we get a bonus teaching about perspective on death, something on which we desperately need a healthy perspective.

Starting off with a recording of a clever little song by the brilliant Andrew Peterson, this week we start with a reminder of the impermanence of life. Then we circle back to Hebrews 9:8-14 and the incredible idea that Jesus actually purifies the conscience of believers. What might it look like to live from a … [ read more ] "“Pure Conscience Culture”"

Deep themes permeate this section of Hebrews: old covenants, new covenants, relationship, religion, conscience, and more. As a church, we pray that texts like this will transform your view of Jesus’ work on your behalf and help unlock a brighter future with Him.