What to expect and why?


Celebration! Church Ottawa exists to celebrate the greatness of God by knowing Jesus Christ and by making Him known to all peoples.

We accomplish this by making disciples who SEE, BE, GIVE, and GO.

Below you'll find descriptions of these core values, how they drive us, and also what to expect when you join us in-person or online. We hope that you will partner with us as we seek to grow God's Kingdom and see restoration in Canada's National Capital Region and beyond.

What does a disciple of Jesus look like?


look at Jesus
This happens as we gather together in the name of Jesus to talk about, sing about, or learn about Jesus. It happens when we read the Bible and when we pray.  SEEING happens when we reflect on who God is and what He has done in nature or art. These are all efforts to truly SEE and “celebrate” the greatness of God. For this reason, we place a high value on gathering together each Sunday for our worship service. It all starts with "looking at Jesus."


look like Jesus
When we begin to truly SEE Jesus, "BE" inevitably happens as we learn more about Him. "Looking like Jesus" is all about the transformation that He works inside us. We embrace His love and purpose over our lives, and we begin to apply His teachings in our thoughts and actions. We listen and obey and find the abundant life He promises. LIFE GROUPS, practising "life-on-life" discipleship principles, are our “greenhouses” for this part of the process.


love like Jesus
The Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit gives all believers gifts for the good of the Church and the growth of God’s Kingdom. It also teaches that faith without works is dead — so a core part of our journey with Jesus is seeing our faith turn outward to serve other people. C!C has many different ministry teams to enable us to “give” through serving inside and outside the church. Whether in your neighbourhood or ours, we aim to "love like Jesus."


lead to Jesus
Jesus’ parting words to His first disciples called them to go and make more disciples … to testify to others in order that they, too, could receive the Good News and know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. By leading people to Jesus so that they can SEE Him, we help them initiate the discipleship process themselves. They begin experiencing abundant life in Him. As they develop as a disciple, they SEE, BE, GIVE and GO … and on and on it goes!

What should I expect?


Our talented musicians help our congregation focus on Jesus through a blend of contemporary worship music and hymns. You are welcome to stand and sing with us or sit and listen.


Our speakers aim for deep, relevant teaching and preaching rooted firmly in the Bible. The goal is to focus us on God and help us apply truth from God’s Word into our lives.

What to wear

Come as you are! If you’d wear it to dinner at your mom’s house. . . you’re probably good. You'll see some people "dressed up" and others "dressed down." But they'll all be dressed.


We have a parking lot on site. Street parking is also available. Both are free. On particularly icy weeks, volunteers are on-hand to help provide assistance. The building is also wheelchair accessible.


Children of all ages are welcome to join us for the service.

The first week of each month is a "family service" where all ages stay in "big church" together. The other weeks we have nursery and C!Station: programming for ages 2-11.


There is room at the back of the sanctuary, in the foyer, and also our "parlour" to offer a comfortable spot for parents with small children who may want a little extra room or privacy.
Note that the main level of the church is fully wheelchair accessible.