GIVE: love like Jesus


Whether you are serving the people who live under the same roof, serving on one of our ministry teams, or serving on the other side of the globe, a living faith is one that also works.

We serve as an overflow of the goodness that Jesus has poured into us. Serving one another helps complete our understanding of God's purpose for our lives. Your service helps make C!C a special place.

For even [Jesus] came not to be served, but to serve . . .

Mark 10:45

When SEEING: looking at Jesus turns into BEING: looking like Jesus, a natural result is to "GIVE: love like Jesus." Here at C!C we believe in a faith that engages the head, the heart, and the hands. We value volunteering, whether it's ministry inside or outside the church. We hope that you'll sign up to serve alongside us and keep your heart open to ways you can "love like Jesus".

Serving at C!C

Volunteer Positions

C!Station / Youth

Come alongside our littlest disciples and our budding youth as they learn what it means to know and follow Jesus. Serve as a hall monitor, a classroom helper, or on the teacher rotation. We love for parents to be a part of this team! Contact us for more details or with your questions.

Production / Band

We are not perfect, we strive for authentic worship - both on stage, and in the background. Are you musical? We'd love for you to jump in and serve on the band! Interested in audio, video, or tech in general? This is right for you! Don't worry.... All training is provided! 


Join us as we welcome all to 414 on a Sunday morning. Whether it's greeting, coffee and tea, or helping someone find a seat. We value hospitality, and look forward to the ways that you can help everyone feel welcomed at 414!

Community Engagement / Garden

We care about out neighbours! Join us in loving on them in new and creative ways! The community garden is just one example of how we grow relationships with those who live nearby. Fun bonus is all the squash!

Serving at C!C

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